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Organic Hemp Oil

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Did you know...
Our CBD oil is NOT mass produced, is NOT bought or sold through a multi level marketing company, not industrially filtered, and has all the benefits without the high.
Our product is organically grown at a private farm in Colorado, is made from the Harlequin Strain, and is now over 2000mg strong. That is one of the cross breeds in the Good Medicine, and is the most potent and highly sought after CBD strain. Others formulate CBD from leftover cheap trim, stems and bark. Ours is made from the flower only.

Since ours contain sediment the other brands do's like a supplement with all those nutrients and vitamins!

When you make a purchase from a multi level marketing company, you are putting money in many pockets. Know where your oil comes from!
Due to high demand, we have added the one-ounce size bottle, and discontinued the 3ml bottle!

Additional notes:

Our product is batch certified from the organic dispensary. COA (Certificate of Analysis) report is not required for our small batch handcrafted operation. We don't have any added terpenes and there would be zero reason we have heavy metals in it. We don’t send the product off to a facility to extract, we do it ourselves. No solvent residue because it’s not CO2 extracted, and it's organic so no pesticides are present at any time. Unless people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars per ounce, or buy it from a company that manufactures tons at a time using machinery in a factory setting, it's not necessary.

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We offer several sizes in convenient bottles with droppers. You can use them either topically or orally. Your order will come with a usage rate and info sheet.